Yunnan Normal University

Located in Kunming which is called City of Perennial Spring and conceived in the Teachers College of the National Southwest Associated University which was established in 1938 from the merger of Peking University, Tsinghua University and Nankai University, Yunnan Normal University is a provincial key university that has a long and fine tradition. In 1946, the three prestigious universities were moved back to their original campuses in the north of China but the Teachers College remained in Kunming. It adopted the name of the National Kunming Normal College in 1946, Kunming Normal College in 1950 and Yunnan Normal University in 1984 respectively. In 1999, Yunnan Education College and Yunnan Sports College merged into Yunnan Normal University. In its development of over seventy years, the university has adhered to its motto of perseverance in personality; devotion to teaching and learning; pursuit of virtue and wisdom. It has a fairly complete education system for offering either post-doctoral, doctoral, masters or bachelors degrees to full-time, part-time, vocational, adult and international students. Up to now, it has produced more than 200,000 graduates of different kinds and is rightfully praised as the cradle of qualified teachers on this lateritic plateau.

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